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Are you Dreaming or tripping?

March 19, 2008


Under any drug influence, did you ever experience a trip from out of this world? Have you ever felt like your flying like a plane or feeling like your body is part of a ball of fireworks exploding every which way? If you think that’s impossible you haven’t heard of the newest and craziest drug out there today. And to top it off, it’s absolutely legal.

I wonder how long it will take the government to make this illegal but until that’s happen many of us won’t be able to control our curiosity to take advantage of this sensational trip to remember forever. Some have called it euphoric, tripping without real visions, you will hallucinate with extreme spiritual visions, some have reported feeling like a plane soaring the sky, You might feel like your floating, or will it be just another way to feel like your dreaming or just a good old fun mind boggling trip??

Whoever wants to know, it’s a Mexican herb called salvia divinorum or diviner’s sage. It’s used by shamans seeking spiritual visions and anyone who just want to see hallucinations. The plant grows in the area of Oaxaca which is south west of Mexico City. I heard it’s similar to the drug marijuana and looks like it to. The drug high is similar to marijuana but very different at the same time. Salvia is a hallucinogenic drug that is so strong and very effective, so be careful if you decide to try it. It’s an unusual and not widely popular which means it hasn’t been “abused” yet. But its rapid popularity and easy available, and don’t forget cheap, might change the outcome of this drug.

The drug Salvia is a member of the mint family and was almost extinct from the destruction of tropical forests. It is growing all over the planet, and is easily maintained either in gardens, indoors or outdoors. Unlike marijuana, Salvia requires no power of halogen lights or fancy hydroponics. It can be grown by anyone who has kept Mom’s African Violets alive on the bookshelf. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t even keep African violets alive.

This is a new and fast growing popular new drug that is suppose to provide a trip like no other. Some people are growing Salvia and the internet has zoomed a full enclopedia on this new drug on many websites, they are being sold as seed and the dried leaves to almost every state and country, This plant is like mescaline and magic (psilocybin) mushrooms where its recreational use never really became as popular.

Salvia leaves contain a substance called Salvinorin-A, which is supposed to be the most powerful hallucinogen known to science even more potent than LSD. You can chew it, smoke it or put it under your tongue.

If you ever experience LSD or “magic mushrooms,” Salvia goes beyond any of these Trips, many people who have tried Salvia swear to never use it again. It’s very powerful and the effects are extreme, so think twice before you go beyond this world and experience the trip that is supposed to be out of this universe.

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