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Drug Testing and Employment

March 8, 2009

Drug testing for drug use in the workplace is now widespread, if you have an interview for a new job expect to have a mandatory pre-employment drug test required for employment. The prevalence of positive drug tests in the work force has increased by 15%. The prevalence of marijuana use is highest, and this can be reliably tested. Though it is prudent to rid the workplace of drug use, however Employers might not realize their best employees could be an actually a weekend pothead. There is little scientific study on the relationship of drug use and workplace outcomes, like productivity, performance and safety. Probable-cause drug testing can be a very well a reason to test someone and pre-employment drug testing is also a very common applications.

Random testing has been less accepted in the workplace and is higher costly, if the employer doesn’t have a written contract signed when hired it can result in legal issues, and predictably poor drug test reliability. Employees have the right to refuse any random or schedule drug testing if upon being hired it wasn’t under any policy or a guideline for employment. Legal issues have focused on the right to policy, discrimination, and the lack of due process. . From the the very moment the employee is hired there should be written drug testing procedures addressed. Any Signs and symptoms of the alcohol or drug abuse should be confronted immediately in the workplace. The legal effective way to have a planned and agreed drug policy by both employee and employer is a contract and a procedure in which expectations and consequences are known from the start.

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