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How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

December 6, 2012

With drug testing becoming so common, questions like how to pass a urine drug test for weed are often asked. The fact of the matter is that weed can be detected in the urine 3 to 10 days after even a single instance of usage. So what is the solution? How does one answer the question, how to pass a urine drug test for weed?

Well if there is anything that can help you pass the urine drug test, it’s drinking loads and loads of water in the lead up to the test. You may even want to take the help of diuretics to help you pee more. Cranberry juice is good too. One drawback of this kind of dilution is the loss of color in the urine, which may lead to suspicion. This can easily be taken care of by using vitamin b complex, which will restore the golden color to the urine.

Another thing to remember is not to hand over the product of the first urination of the day as the sample. Let it be the third urination of the day that you gather your sample from. Moreover while gathering wait while some of the urine has already passed and then collect the sample. This increases the odds of your success.

How to pass a urine drug test Products

If you feel that this is leaving too much to chance you could go straight ahead and buy synthetic urine from the market. Brands like The Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit are quite popular and even come with a guarantee. Such products are actually ideal for unsupervised testing. There are those who would like to give their own urine sample, but are not sure that they would be able to give a clean one. For them products like Ultra Klean Detox drink are ideal. This product effectively removes all traces of weed from your system for 1 to 5 hours giving you enough time to pass.

In the long run the best way to answer the question, how to pass a urine drug test for weed is for one to clean up one’s act. This can be done by not doing drugs anymore, and leading a healthy lifestyle. A diet rich in fiber, plenty of water intake and regular exercise will get you there faster. In the short run however
the above products will save the day for you and you have no reason to freak or hyperventilate, just because a drug test is coming up.

Such products are in fact a boon for a lot of common people who are not drug addicts, but may have occasionally indulged in smoking some weed. For them to suffer harsh consequences because of these drug testing drives is not at all fair. Detox products which enable them to beat these tests are therefore a lifeline.

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