Is it true – Legalization of Marijuana (THC)?

February 19, 2008


Is it true – Legalization of Marijuana (THC)?
Will it do more harm then good?

Marijuana has a lot of pharmaceutical and pharmacological potential. Currently Today, The potential is becoming very clear. Through years of controversy and decades of prejudices, Marijuana is finally being lifted and considered for possible legalization and its gift to help the sick has given the federal government a second look in the many positive results of medical relief of marijuana. This could be good for many but possible bad for some.

The single most remarkable source of using marijuana is its painkilling power. Pain relief for cancer chronic conditions and neuropathic pain, a number of pain studies support that marijuana is effective for treating pain, and also recommend its use to relieve nausea.

Marijuana has become one of the most popular recreational drugs use and it’s a very popular pain relief for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and For AIDS patients or others who suffer from wasting syndrome.

I bet you have heard the phrase “MUNCHIES” from someone who currently a toke of Marijuana from a joint or so called blunt. This related effect of this drug stimulations your appetite and makes you desire food. This is a major plus for AIDS Patients who need to eat. Because Marijuana has been a constant demand in the medical field, the government is reconsidering the legal rights for its medical use. Several groups are also trying to make it out right legal for all.

In the next 10 years the government Might finally authorizes the legalization of the drug Marijuana. This will be a great breakthrough in the medical field, but could it cause a lot of negative changes in the pass drug testing industry. It could possibly be a major downfall for many companies (websites) who have provided ways to pass drug test throughout the years.

This will be great victory for the weekend warrior but could this be the start of the end for the drug testing industry that provides many detox products for anyone who occasionally becomes in contact with several illegal toxins and needs to pass a drug test for whatever reason they have. In this industry the majority of the customers are those who are Recreational drug users who might need to take a drug test in time to time. Whether it would be for a pre-employment drug screening test, or a drug screening test for probation or any court cases that grant tests. The problem is that some toxins such as marijuana are very hard to excrete through our bodies so quickly. It’s an oil based toxin which passes through our liver and kidneys and rapped like other polluted toxins we might consume daily. These websites provide natural detox products that will enhance and speed up the detox cleansing process in our bodies. This industry has been a popular demand throughout the United States and the world. We all are guilty for consuming several toxins in our body one time or another.

If Marijuana ever becomes legal it would most likely put some damage to this industry says” the owner” of which has provided many excellent detox products to people who might of needed additional help to pass a drug test. The owner of many profound pass drug testing websites has his own personal experience with drug testing. Which made him originally start this business and make him one of the top ten websites on the internet?

He states “The war on marijuana has really very little to do with recreational uses or health issue but has everything to do with culture. The symptoms of legalizing any drug would cause our society run amok. Something more than consumer protection is involved when the laws criminalize the consumer and require such a massive enforcement. It’s not because they don’t want to help people who are sick, and they are definitely not worried about the weekend smoker. It’s about someone who practices medicine without a license and is completely out of control and becomes threat to society and especially to all the innocent who is caught in a dual web of over using any controlled substances – this unfortunately strangles the medical potential of any. Ultimately, I feel it will always be given the same status as an illegal drug to control criminal justice and abuse”.

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