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May 5, 2008

It’s that time again to be tested…

Spring is just around the corner and it’s Just in time for opening day in North America to prepare the athletes for the Olympics, a few has said this year there might be a little more stress on the athletes with the latest drug-testing policy, drug testing of your favorite superstars, and not a moment too soon.

When the lawyers are done, the drug testers will be able to knock on the door of any athlete or any Major League Baseball player either at home or enjoying their vacation and surprise them before they get a chance to use a detox product. The Olympics athletes or baseball professional will not received the same loving experience that they have received for years if they get tested positive. This unexpected visit from a testing agent might change the outlook for many athletes today.

For the websites like www.passusa.com which provides their services and advice on passing a drug test might be a good thing for athletes in helping them pass any drug test.

But would we consider that cheating to the top of a sport for our athletes around the world or does it matter at all as long as they are the best that they can be. I think the athletes who strive on pure adrenaline alone would think otherwise and stand behind the random drug testing.

This is going to cause a panic either way which will only benefit the Detox cleansing company’s all over the web around the word such as www.passusa.com which they sound very patriotic and are not discriminate towards any group or individual looking to get help or advise on passing a drug test throughout this diversified world.

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