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Methamphetamine Drug Test

January 21, 2009

Methamphetamine Drug Test

Methamphetamine drug test kit includes an exclusive amalgamation of monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies identify the Methamphetamine and its components present in the urine. Methamphetamine is potentially hazardous drug that causes serious behavioral problems in users. Hence, employers conduct Methamphetamine drug test on their employees, because, it is very important to maintain a drug-free working atmosphere.

Most companies are now using Methamphetamine drug test, as it is easy to use and gives accurate results in shortest possible time. If you are an employer and wish to conduct drug test on new members or suspecting employee, opt for this drug test. The cut-off level of Methamphetamine as laid down by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is 1000 NG/ML, but some companies might limit this quantity to 500 NG/ML.

This test integrates a chromatographic absorbent component. Drug metabolites present in the sample reacts with Methamphetamine metabolites and the absorbent to produce the result.

Meth Drug Test Procedure

If you want to conduct Meth Drug Test at home, opt for a single step Methamphetamine drug test kit. This kit contains a test device, dropper, and pipette, enclosed in foil pouch and complete instruction manual.

  1. To start with, you need to collect the sample (urine specimen) in a clean object, preferably glass object. Refrigerated specimen needs to be equilibrated to standard temperature before conducting the test.
  2. Hold the dropper and using it, add about four drops of urine in the place provided in the device. However, wait for at least five seconds before adding the next drop. You need to observe the fluctuations of specimen across the testing panel. If required, add extra drops in the device, so that specimen drops flow laterally across the test panel.
  3. After adding the drops, you need to wait for at least five minutes, because specimen reacts with the absorbent present in the test kit. However, at times, you may have to wait for another eight to ten minutes if the sample is diluted.


  • If a single pink colored band appears in the control zone, and if there is no band in test zone, it indicates that the test is positive. It means that the level of drug test in the sample is equal to 500 NG/ML or more than that.
  • If a single rose color band appears in test zone, and if the control zone depicts one band, your drug test is negative. It means either the level of Methamphetamine is below the cut-off level or there are no traces of drug metabolites in your urine sample. Even a faint line indicates a negative Methamphetamine drug test.
  • If color bands do not appear on the test zone and control zone, it means that the drug test is null. In case, the test zone shows a colored band and there is no band on control zone, then the drug test is also null or invalid. In such cases, you will have to conduct another Methamphetamine drug test to get accurate results.

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