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Pass a marijuana urine drug test

November 20, 2012

To pass a  marijuana urine drug test is something that a lot of people need to do on account of it being among the most consumed drugs. What most people can do to pass a marijuana urine drug test is to drink as much water as is possible for them in the lead up to the test. They could also try and use diuretics to aid them in the process. Midol for example can be used. Cranberry juice is useful too.


Once your urine is diluted substantially, you will have to take measures to return some of the lost color to make your urine sample look natural. This can be achieved by taking Vitamin D. Also do not hand over the result of the first urination of the day as the sample. Instead let it be the third sample. When you collect the sample do not start at the beginning of the urination process, but take it a little later. These steps ensure a cleaner sample thereby increasing your chances to pass urine drug test marijuana.

>However if you are still unsure whether you will pass urine drug test marijuana you have the option of using commercially available detox products. By far the most effective product has to be The Ultra Klean Detox Drink. Its powerful formula is able to flush out all toxins for a period ranging from one to five hours. So there really is no reason for one to fret and hyperventilate just because a drug test is coming up.

But having said that, the fact remains that drug testing has really become the bane of modern times. That is because the drug testing that goes on is absolutely indiscriminate and there is no evidence of a nuanced approach. An occasional recreational user is treated the same way as a hard core addict, and you might test positive on account of OTC medicines you might have taken!

In a scenario such as this, detox products like the ones mentioned above are a lifeline; especially in light of the fact the outcome of these tests has a direct bearing on our jobs and healthcare & insurance benefits. But for one to truly break free of the rigmarole of doing drugs and then finding ways to beat drug tests; one should try and stay away from drugs. Not the easiest of options, but with so much riding on the right outcomes to these tests, perhaps the sensible one.

The fact of course remains that the drug testing regime should be overhauled and made more calibrated, so that it truly is able to help those that it is meant to. The current drug testing regime is in fact penalising a lot of regular people with its omnibus approach.

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