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Pass Drug Testing Employment

January 7, 2013

Pass drug testing Employment

Pass Drug testing Employment

Pass Drug Testing Employment – Drug testing at work is something that more and more people are coming across these days. Though the reasons for employers wanting people to take these tests may be genuine- having people who are fit to carry out the job and not endanger anyone else’s life, there is a great deal of resentment against these tests. The reason being that they are not perceived as being fair. Somebody who is an occasional user may test positive, whereas there may be others who are heavier consumers, but have been able to beat the test because they pro-actively took measures to ensure that they passed. Then there is the question of privacy and free will. How much monitoring should there be of what people do in their personal lives, as long as those activities do not impact their professional lives.
Pass Drug Testing Employment – On the other hand those who are at war against drugs, swear by the efficacy of drug testing at work. According to them it is a highly effective and low cost strategy that helps reduce consumption, leaves of absence from work, and accidents. Not only that, it identifies those that need help, and increases over all productivity. The fact of the matter is that drug testing at work is here to stay and one has to learn to deal with it.
If you are faced with the prospect of a drug test at work and are not absolutely sure that you might pass you could take recourse to products like Zydot Detox Shampoo, Ultra Klean Detox Drink, Fast Flush Capsules, etc that help you temporarily purge the system of toxins enabling you to pass the test. In case you have sufficient advance notice you could also take recourse to natural measures like drinking lots of water, exercising and consuming fiber. That being said, it would be a good idea for one to not do drugs if possible once you have cleared the test. This is because the crusade against drugs has increasingly become relentless and work places are the main battle-field of this war. It is better to be clean, than have the sword of summary dismissal from employment hanging over you.
Pass Drug Testing Employment – The employers have a right to know whether their employees do drugs or nor for that impacts productivity and sometimes safety of others and ultimately the bottom line. But at the same time the personal dignity of the employee too is of paramount importance. Then there is the larger question of free will. That apart care also has to be taken to prevent misuse at the hands of the employer. Drug testing should not become a ruse to sack employees to cut costs under difficult market conditions. All in all drug testing at work is a complex issue which has to be dealt with care and sensitivity.

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