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Pass hairs follicle drug test

December 19, 2012

Pass hair follicle drug test

Pass hairs follicle drug test

To pass hair follicle test is something that most people think is difficult to achieve. This is because it is not easy to either fudge a sample or even not give one. For the hair sample can be collected from another part of the human body. So there is really no point in shaving the hair off one’s head. In a sense the best way to pass hairs follicle drug test seems to be not doing drugs. This is because a hair follicle drug test can detect usage that goes back months, even a year. So in the event of your being called for a random drug test your chances to pass hairs follicle drug test are pretty dismal if you have been doing drugs recent.

Your best bet in such a scenario to hair follicle drug test seems to be in taking recourse to commercially available detox products. Among the better ones are Zydot Ultra Klean Hair Purifying Shampoo and Ultra Cleanse Hair Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner which are able to detox the hair of toxins long enough for one to be able to pass hairs follicle drug test.
The long term solution could of course be trying to both give up drugs and boosting the rate of metabolism of the body. The latter can be done by consuming fiber rich food, drinking plenty of fluids and exercising regularly. This will enable the body to function at peak efficiency enabling it to effectively cleanse all toxins from the body. The present drug testing regime is pretty heavy handed and does not differentiate between an occasional user and a hard core addict, and one has to constantly watch one’s back. In such a scenario had it not been for products such as above, it would have become very difficult indeed to pass hair follicle drug test.

The impact of failing a drug test can be quite severe indeed on one’s job, insurance and health benefits and so on. This makes the present indiscriminate nature of the drug testing regime quite unfortunate. It makes no sense in bracketing a onetime user with a hard core addict. Ironically while the former may test positive, the latter may have perfected the knack of passing a test.
Therefore one might as well as completely abjure the path of any type of drug taking. Of course in the interim one needn’t hyperventilate just because a drug test is approaching. One can pass the test by using the right detox products. One however hopes that the drug testing regime evolves over a period of time and takes a more nuanced approach to the whole issue of drug testing. That will prove far more beneficial in curbing drug abuse, than the present omnibus approach.

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