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Random drug testing in workplace

December 12, 2012

Random drug testing

Random drug testing

Random drug testing in the workplace is rampant. Ostensibly the reasons are to ensure that those who need help get it, identifying people who could pose a risk to themselves and those around them, and generally to have a drug free work culture. There is no problem whatsoever with the above objectives, but it’s the indiscriminate nature of random drug testing in the work place which is problematic.
Random drug testing in the work place treats an occasional recreational user on par with a hard core addict. Besides somebody on prescribed or OTC medication may unwittingly submit for these tests not knowing that he might test negative. The fact of the matter is that the results of these test have serious repercussions on a person’s career, and it is therefore important for these tests to take a nuanced approach. What’s more employers can use these tests as a smokescreen to get rid of people.
There is also the ethical question of hounding people about something that they do in their personal time away from their office or workplace. As long as anybody is not doing drugs at the workplace and as long as that person is sober and in full command of his mental and physical faculties; why should that person be subject to such a test?
Nobody will dispute that drugs is a huge problem, with so many lives, particularly those of young people getting impacted. Drug testing which is aimed at tackling this menace at that level is welcome. However regular people with ordinary lives need to be treated with dignity. An occasional recreational user does not have to be penalised and made to suffer financially. You don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.
But for commercially available detox products, like Ultra Klean Detox drink which enable people to pass these drug tests, a lot of people would be in trouble. Given the frequency with which people are being tested for drugs at work places, they might as well as stock up on such products. The better but more difficult option would be to resolve to never touch drugs again. Besides they should lead healthy lives by eating well, drinking plenty of water and exercising. This will keep their bodies’ rate of metabolism high, enabling faster elimination of toxins.

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It is in the nature of human beings to have an occasional vice or two, and blanket suppression has never worked. Most people don’t go out of line and lead their lives the regular way. The few that do definitely need to be assisted. That’s where drug testing can help. Unfortunately the way it is now, it ends up targeting everyone. One hopes that in the times to come drug testing becomes more evolved and sophisticated.

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