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Random drug testing for Welfare

March 3, 2009

If your currently on or thinking of filing for unemployment or welfare compensation benefits, think again if your currently using drugs. Soon you might have to pee for the government. Several states are trying to pass a bill or have already to have periodic random drug tests required for anyone receiving welfare or unemployment benefits from the government. You might be subject to Random drug testing the next time you go down for filing or funds. It might not be approved in all the states but it might become a shocking reality to many individuals who are only using our tax dollars to support their drug habits.

The bill calls for random drug testing to be required by the Division of Human Services. If the person does fail the first drug test, they only have a one more second chance to be test clean within 30 to 60 days afterwards If they fail the second time they pick you for randon drug testing then you will lose all your government assistance. This is only intended for anyone that is receiving benefits known as “food stamps, unemployment compensation or welfare” and are abusing the system by selling their food stamps, get cash from unemployment for drugs.

Several republicans got this idea for the bill after hearing that many children are being born with drug addictions by mothers who are drug addicts and are receiving or going on government assistant.

If you think you might be one of these individuals or who occasionally parties, (weekends, couple days etc) etc you should start now cleansing your body just in case this law passes your way. regardless what the drug is THC, Cocaine, heroin, opiates, Benz, you will lose your benefits if you don’t have a legal prescription. if you are think you might be randomly drug tested, you should consider looking to cleanse yourselves. There are several programs; I highly recommend like a seven day body cleanser called Supreme Klean. It is very effective for excreting the toxins/drugs from your body. This will clean your system out completely as long as you don’t repeat the drug.

I feel that the government isn’t trying to hurt people, they just want to provide this program to people who really need it and the ones that are on drugs to get off drugs and get back to work. Who do you know out there wouldn’t be happy to pee in a cup for a $300-$400 a-week check?”

If you anyone needs to cleanse their body to pass any type of drug test don’t wait until its to late. Start cleansing your body early before you find yourself in a situation that you have to pee at your next visit. Check out some detox products on our website at http://www.dr-detox.net/

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