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Recreational drug use and pre-employment drug screening

February 13, 2008


Recreational drug abuse, weather it’s only on weekends or occasional dabbling once in awhile, can be the determination if you are hired for a new job or remain employed by a company.

Certain companies require pre-employment drug screening before they make the final decision of your future employment with them, this has cost a large amount of people to lose their opportunity to be hired or get hired.

About 90% of Most drug screening tests are positive for the use of cannabis, (THC) which has been the number #1 recreational drug around for years. It has been estimated around 10 million people smoke THC on a regular basis.

However, the popularity of drugs won’t save you if you fail a drug test with your next employer. If you choose to smoke now and then, or go out clubbing at the weekend, doesn’t mean you won’t get your next job because of a positive drug screening. You definitely need a detox product to speed the detox process for you to pass. I have found there are a few detox products that can be very helpful for passing drug tests. Ultra klean one hour detox drink is a very popular drink that has helped alot of people pass a drug screening test for employment. This detox drink is a good product to consider and many other detox products can be found at www.passingalldrugtest.com

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