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Why should we detox?

August 27, 2008

Why should we detox?

If you are the person who has no worries about consuming toxins or who can eat, drink for as long as they like without feeling any adverse effects you are one of the lucky ones. For some of us, we work too much we don’t get enough rest, not enough exercise, not enough intake of water, in results we get very stressed, aged drastically right in front of our eyes. Most average people are so busy to even go to the bath room without some stress on natural daily occurrences. We all take things for granted sometimes or live without giving how valuable our lives are a second thought. This stress and exposure of environment toxins, even the foods that we eat can cause TOXINS which begin to build up in our bodies. Which affect our tissues and cells – resulting in headache, chronic fatigue, allergies, diarrhea, digestive problem, excess weight and a weak immune system?

There are many common problems that we have experienced because of our poor sewage system: which is our Large Intestine. Problems like constipation which Cause problems with our normal bowel movement. Waste that is trapped in our muscular colon can adhere stubbornly to its walls and TOXINS are absorbed into the circulatory system.

If you start eating properly but don’t cleanse the colon, you will slow down the healing process significantly. The two must go hand in hand Detoxing results in a long, vital life and excellent health. The colon is the most important place to start. If you begin by cleansing the colon, the other organs then automatically begin to eliminate their waste into the colon, as our bodies were designed to do. In this manner, the toxins and waste the body has stored from eating improperly from consuming toxins like THC or any other drug toxin that has accumulated sometimes for years and years—can exit faster and easier with positive healthy results.

A detox basically cleanses your body, and makes you feel like you are bursting with energy and on top of the world!

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