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Drug Detox Detoxification

January 26, 2009

Drug Detox & Detoxification

The immediate and most important goals of detoxification start from alcohol, drugs, diet or any other harmful substances is safe detoxification and minimally painful withdrawal symptoms from the substances that you were or are dependent on, Some helpful detox products allow the individual a better chance at becoming free from the grasps of poison harmful toxins or addictions.

Detoxification for some people may be necessary because they have been addicted to substance such as alcohol or drugs. These individuals may have been abusing them for a long period of time, and if they don’t decide to detoxification some time in their lives it can lead to serious side effects or death Detoxification of any toxin can produce withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely uncomfortable, but in most cases, this detoxification is not life-threatening.

However, there are risks to the patient as well as society and those around the individual who is undergoing detoxification because some individuals experience severe physical disturbances during detoxification. This type of threat is usually more prevalent in an outpatient detoxification setting rather than an inpatient center. Other possible occurrences that can arise for someone going through outpatient detoxification is that they are not consistently monitored, and therefore may decide to use other illegal drugs to self medicate. One of the least severe side effects of detoxification is lower blood pressure, and extreme lethargy.

Detoxification generally can take anywhere from three to five days to be completed, depending on the frequency and quantity of the drug substances that were being abused, and the process of which the detoxification is being undergone. When detoxification is being completed under medical care, medications are usually given to the patient to alleviate the pain of the withdrawal symptoms, and aid in the avoidance of any permanent side effects resulting from the detoxification process.

Some of the possible lasting effects that can occur as a result of detoxification include delirium tremors, also referred to as DTs, convulsions, nausea, headaches, constant shakes and insomnia. Very Few addicted individuals will enter into enter detoxification or try to get any further drug or alcohol treatment. Many believe that they are still in control of their addiction, and haven’t quite fully considered the idea of lifetime abstinence as a possibility for them.

Some addicts will go through with the detoxification only to rove to themselves and others that they do not need the drug, and that could quit if they wanted to; but this is usually short-lived. It’s important for detoxification centers to consider the motivation behind each individual’s reasoning for coming to detoxification. 

Addiction affects not only the person who is participating in drug abuse, but the family and friends around them. The choice to go through with detoxification and other alcohol or drug treatment ultimately has to be that of the individual himself, but often times it is strongly recommended by the ones around the person who care very much about their well-being, safety and health.

Families are often times incorporated into the treatment process, but more so after the detoxification process is completed and the person is no longer under the influence of any type of drug what-so-ever. Before, during and after drug detoxification however, the individual will need as much support as they can get from their family and friends, to motivate them through the withdrawals and depression associated with the detoxification and periods that follow. One detox program has been known for their successful results are the supreme klean cleansing programs. They include the 7 day cleansing capsules as well as the power flush detox tea and an intense daily diet and instructions for the individual. The results are excellent.

Each individual’s result may vary due to the toxin that they may have consumed and the amount and time they exposed themselves to them. This detox program is definitely worth the purchase. Everyone should cleanse their body; it’s not only for cleansing drugs.

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