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May 5, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Household chemicals such as bleach, table salt, laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, vinegar, lemon juice, are said to be some of adulterating agents people used to alter drug tests. Most of these adulterants can be detected in a urine specimen drug test as well as too much creatinine, pH, low temperature, and specific gravity; however, there are some products such the Ultra Klean One Hour Detox Drink has been successfully proven to mask a drug testing for many toxins.

Some Urine drug screening dipsticks are available for detecting the presence of many different kinds of adulterants, along with creatinine, pH gravity. Ultra Klean One Hour Detox Drink has the appropriate amounts of creatine, vitamins which we excrete from our bodies. This detox product hasn’t been detected on any drug test that would detect adulterating agents.

With marijuana being the most frequently abused drug. Urine adulterants provide an opportunity for illicit drug users to obtain a false-negative result on commonly used primary drug screening methods.

One of the few websites that offers relevant information for drug testing is Doctor Detox. This website doesn’t condone drug use, but they definitely disagree with companies that have policies on pre-employment drug screening. Traces of toxins in your hair could go back as far as 460 days which should be none of their business, it’s the past!! That’s invading our privacy and civil rights and anything past tense should be irrelevant for future job prospects. Does anyone know the phrase “the past is the past, you can’t change it or live in it, you must learn from it and hope you never make the same mistakes twice.”

What about the occasional marijuana smoker that smokes once in awhile which has proven to be harmless and doesn’t affect your daily performance at home or work. But now their current or new job has required a drug test. If you are not aware of this, marijuana is considered a fun safe drug and is the hardest to excrete from your body. Marijuana is an oil based drug so it moves slowly through our body and eventually is processed through the liver and kidneys. Naturally it takes approximately 30 – 60 days for it to be completely passed through your body. Should your new or current employee be penalized for smoking once or twice which would never affect his performance on his job? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Drug testing in substance abuse treatment programs are focused on levels of urine from a urine analysis and major metabolites. History of people that are chronic marijuana user could different then the occasional weekend recreational user. The ratio of the amount of THC in your system for a chronic user will be extremely higher than just a weekend user. This definitely determines on if the person is going to be able to pass a drug test on their own or with the help of some detox products.

This also could be the final decision for the chronic user if they will decide to use an adulterating detox agent to pass a drug test or not. There are many different detox products available that will help each individual for each different situation on passing a drug test. The problem is which one is you going to choose and which one actually works.

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