Marijuana- A cure or a curse

February 19, 2008

Many have called marijuana the evil drug but actually this so called evil drug (cannabis) has shown no traces of such evil and what the damaged it may cause. Marijuana bad site affects are so shallow and uncertain. We all know that anything done in excess amount is bad for you but If you compare all different evils, marijuana is probably one of the least one of them and probably should be more considered then not.

There are many millions of cannabis users in the United States who disobey the law, and feel that the government shouldn’t have the authority on this matter. The government ignores the many useful properties of marijuana. There is no true addiction with marijuana which is often caused by heroin and cocaine, which explains the lack of addictiveness in cannabis.

Marijuana has many medical uses, but it also can enhance many pleasures and relieve many everyday stressful discomforts. It can be an intellectual stimulant, helping users to increasing their creativity and insight to things that they would never appreciate before. It can heighten the appreciation of food, sexual activity, natural beauty and other sensual experiences. It can introduce new in-sites to the understanding of music and creative arts. It can promote emotional sexual intimacy in some and can emphasize the better aspects of life that they never seen before.

The research on marijuana’s effects has indicated that cannabis is not harmful to our health and there is many counteractive effects of chemical free radicals that form in our body. Marijuana has even reversed or slowed down the effects of eating disorders in females and even Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other degenerative afflictions of certain diseases.

There has also many major medical uses for cannabis which include treatment for the following:

  • nausea or vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy; glaucoma; epilepsy; multiple sclerosis; pain & tremors;
  • AIDS wasting; migraine; rheumatic disease pain &inflammation; pruritis (severe itching a symptom of atopicdermatitis)
  • chronic pain; premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps and labor pains; and depression and other mood disorders.

Also in minor medical uses includes,

  • asthma; insomnia; bacterial infections; dystonia or spasmodic muscle contractions);
  • Adult Attention Deficit Disorder; schizophrenia; scleroderma,
  • Crohn’s Disease (recurrent inflammation of the digestive tract); diabetic gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach);
  • pseudotumor cerebri (abnormally high pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid due to excess production); Post Traumatic
  • Stress Disorder; phantom limb pain; tinnitus; and alcoholism and other addictions.

Cannabis has been shown to be effective in controlling the violence associated with Aggressive Personality disorders and, it has been found to reduce the size of cancer tumors.Even thought I have explained that there are many different medical uses for Marijuana, we are still denied the right to use this drug legally.

One thing we have to recognized, are signs of addiction which are rarely caused by marijuana users. It’s very difficult to determine the difference between therapeutic and recreational uses of drugs.

If we could only use marijuana in ways that enhance our full potential, then maybe we will be able to see the distinction between medical use and other purposes of this mis-understood drug.


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