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January 10, 2013



Marijuana is the most used drug in today’s date with sources claiming that nearly 4 percent of the world adult population uses it once a year. With marijuana being available everywhere the authorities have to ensure that strict action is taken against the users. Marijuana drug test is one of the most effective tests to check a person for marijuana usage.

The remains of using marijuana can be found in the blood, urine, hair and body fluids of the users. Other tests can be used only for recent exposure to the drug while marijuana drug test can show positive results even after 90 days of in-taking the drug. In the marijuana hair drug test the main toxin that is found is THC or its metabolite THC-COOH. It has become necessary to take strict steps against usage of drugs as it causes a large amount of damage in terms of help as well as of work and money.

Due to its very effective results and potential to discover even the smallest quantity of toxins in the body of the user, a marijuana hair drug test is considered the best test for discovering usage. The results from a marijuana hair drug test are also accepted in a court of law and many instances have occurred where a user is punished on the basis of the results from this test.
For all drug users it is very essential to know how to beat a marijuana drug test effectively. With new advancement of technology the tests are becoming more stringent causing larger difficulty for users in concealing their habits. There are many methods that attempt to beat a marijuana drug test. Many of these methods have been shown to be successful but most of them do not provide a cent percent guarantee. It has been found that the intake of dietary zinc supplements regularly by the user helps in masking the THC content in the body of the user.

A marijuana drug test uses hair samples from the patient with the length of each strand roughly one and a half inches. The user can get a buzz haircut which does not allow for a successful test. Though the hair sample from other parts of the body can also be used and small hair may cause doubt o the mind of the tester.
The best way to beat a marijuana hair drug test is by using various products designed specifically for this purpose. One such product, the Zydot Ultra Clean Hair Purifying Shampoo offers a great solution in beating the marijuana drug test. It does not affect the hair quality and attempts to dissolve the impurities and toxins in the hair follicle. This product has been proven to give good results.

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