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The best way to pass a drug test

December 11, 2012

What’s the best way to pass a drug test ? Well the question can be answered in many ways. In the first instance, you could always make a grand statement that the best way to pass a drug test is by not doing drugs. That of course is easier said than done, and what happens if the drug test is going to take place the next day and not the next month?

You try and answer the question logically and it would appear that the best way to pass a drug test depends upon several factors. Which drug have you been doing and for how long? What is the type of test that you are facing-urine, saliva, blood or hair? The type of test you are facing will primarily determine the time you have to prepare for the test.

If it is a saliva test, which can’t go very far back in determining usage, you can take about 24 hours to get rid of the toxins in the system particularly if they pertain to a drug like marijuana. A hair drug test is a different kettle of fish altogether as it can detect usage that goes back as far back as a year. Very difficult to prepare for this one. You would probably have to use a detox shampoo like Zydot Ultra Klean Hair Purifying Shampoo, which will detox your hair in 10 minutes and give you an 8 hour time window to pass the hair drug test.

Now in the case of a urine drug test, it is recommended that you try to dilute your urine by drinking loads and loads of water. Taking the help of diuretics like Midol or even cranberry juice is supposed to hasten the urination process. If your urine loses all color due to dilution you can restore it by taking Vitamin C. On the day you collect the sample, hand over the result of the third urination of the day. That apart when you collect the sample you should do so only after some urine has passed out. These steps ensure that your urine sample is as clean as is possible.

You could alternatively try the product Ultra Klean Detox drink, which will provide you with a one hour window to pass a drug test. For a saliva drug test one of the things people often do is have a high fat meal, an hour before the test. This moves the toxins from the mouth to the stomach as part of the digestion process. Some people also chew on ice just before the test. Of course you could also detox with a product like Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash. Just a two to three minute swish of the liquid will give you protection from the test for up to 40 minutes.
Thus we see that the best way to pass a drug test varies with the situation.

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